CDS Announces New Visitor Management System for Campus Safety and Security

In 2023, Carolina Day School began implementing a new visitor management system that will assist our school staff in keeping our students safe. This new system facilitates visitor screening, visitor badge printing, notifications – all in one place. Our school staff will know in real-time all visitors and students coming and going from our campus, increasing the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Before any visitor will be allowed to enter the school building during the school day, they will be required to sign-in on an iPad that is located in one of the main entrances of the school (Love Hall, Stephens Hall, Key School Office, and Upper School Lobby). 

All of our parents will be sent a Digital ID that can be used each time you sign into the school building during the school day. This Digital ID can be saved on your Smartphone using the ‘Wallet’ app or in your photos so that it will be quick and easy to find when you arrive at the school to check in. To use this ID when signing into the school as a visitor, you will simply open it on your smartphone and scan the ID with the Visitor Management iPad. You will then need to answer a couple questions regarding the details of your visit to the school. It is a quick and easy process!

Any visitor to enter our building that is not a parent will need to either scan their driver’s license or manually enter all of their information on the visitor management iPad.

This visitor management system provides our school a quick and easy way for visitors to sign in to our building and will also add another level of security to keep our students safe.


How to Use SchoolPass

To learn more about how to use SchoolPass Visitor Management System, please read this brief instruction manual.

More in-depth help can be found on the SchoolPass Parent Help Site.