Carolina Day School's Literary Society Publishes 2018-19 Literary & Arts Magazine: Interrobang

The US Society of Literature, Art, Music, and Media (SLAMM)—comprised of students who voluntarily meet weekly during lunch—inspired, collected, edited, and formatted student and faculty writing, artwork, dance, music, and the Upper School one-act play to produce both a printed and online version of Interrobang. The faculty adviser is Susan White; the Editors-in-Chief are Catherine Davis ’20 and Mary Manning Holmes ’20.

This excerpt from the editors’ note describes the publication’s name: “Every year the Carolina Day School Literary magazine changes its name. In past years we’ve chosen titles themed around events or art we’ve felt exemplifies the magazine. This year we decided to name it Interrobang—based on the emotion surrounding both interrobangs and the spirit of the literary magazine.

An interrobang is the combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark that indicates a mixture of query and interjection. The idea of both questioning and exclaiming is what the literary magazine does. It asks questions of both its readers and of the world around it. It exclaims pure human emotion in brilliant and fantastical ways. It is both a labor of love and a huge time commitment for everyone involved.”

Content is organized by poetry, prose, studio art, digital art, music, and photography submissions. Rachel Shao ’21 created the cover digital art, “You Are the Center of Your Universe.” Celia Sandoval 20’s “Go Out with a Bang” studio art graces the back cover. In all, 126 pieces are included in the magazine, representing the work of 58 students and five faculty from Grades 9-12.

Though students receive no academic credit for the tremendous amount of work they put into producing this literary magazine, they find satisfaction in showcasing the artistic talents of the members within our small, vibrant community. Every year since 2010, SLAMM has been honored with awards and recognition from the NC Literary and Historical Association for their student magazine.

Congratulations, students, on an outstanding publication.



Catherine Davis 20

Mary Manning Holmes 20


SLAMM Society Members

Tess Carter 21

Isabella Hardin 20

Liza Heck 21

Erin Hovendon 22

Aria Irani 20

Caitlyn Jacobsen 21

Jules Pesce-DeFerrari 21

Celia Sandoval 20


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