At Carolina Day School, the Leadership Team works closely with the Head of School, collaborating to implement strategic initiatives, make informed decisions, and uphold the school's mission and core beliefs. These school leaders meet regularly as a team to consult on key objectives and goals. The Leadership Team at Carolina Day School is a dynamic and dedicated group committed to the success of the school, with expertise in various areas, including academics, athletics, student affairs, finance, admissions, and operations. Together, they work to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and excellence in education.

The Head of School, who is hired by the Board of Trustees and reports directly to the Board, is responsible for the implementation of the school's mission and goals. The Board of Trustees, in turn, provides oversight and guidance to the Head of School, ensuring that the school is operating effectively, adhering to its mission, and making progress towards its strategic objectives.

Brett Fuhrman

Head of School

Steve Henry

Associate Head of School

Tauni Butterfield

Athletic Director

Meredith Daniels

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Sarah Goldstein

Director of Marketing Communications

Elaine Kreuz

Chief Advancement Officer

Lower and Middle School Leadership

Lauren Evans

Lower & Middle School Principal

Peter Sullivan

Lower & Middle School Assistant Principal of Community and Culture

Jessica Roberts

Lower & Middle School Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning

Key School Leadership

Diane Milner

Key School Principal / Training Fellow - OGA

Matthew Buchanan

Key School Director of Teaching and Learning

Upper School Leadership

Margot Moses

Upper School Principal

David Hertzinger

Interim Upper School Assistant Principal