St. Genevieve's Grotto

In the spring of 2013, St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines alumnae Melinda Farr Brown SGP ’60, Priscilla Fortner Lloyd SGP ’60, Kieta Osteen-Cochrane SGP ’60, Dasha Morgan SGP ’61, Brenda Lunsford Lilly SGP ’69, and St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall alumnus Bob Lalley SG/GH ’73 began the work to Save the Grotto by raising the funds necessary to move it from A-B Tech’s campus to CDS. The Grotto is now preserved and in its new home at Carolina Day School. The Grotto is a permanent symbol to honor the history of excellence, the legacy of service of SGP, GH, and SG/GH, and the influence on our students and our larger community as a place for peaceful reflection and meditation at Carolina Day School.

The Grotto's new home is a quiet space behind the alumni office surrounded by tall pine trees. Until now, there had not been a physical representation of the St. Genevieve's history at Carolina Day School. It’s inspiring to see the Grotto here and watch it come alive. This historical representation will live forever in tribute to St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines, Gibbons Hall, and St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall.

Eighty alumni, parents of alumni, and former faculty and staff joined us on Homecoming weekend in the fall of 2013 to dedicate the Grotto.                                                                                                 

Come visit:  To reach the Grotto, go to Carolina Day School at 1345 Hendersonville Road. Once you enter campus, go straight past the parking lot and fields on your left. Turn right up the hill toward Key School and take the gravel drive on your left. There is a parking pad and wheelchair accessible walkway at the site.

Thank you to all those who have supported the effort to Save the Grotto! In addition to the committee members listed above and the financial contributors listed below, we’d like to thank Dale Slusser, Preservation Society BOD, who joined the committee providing architectural design and handicap access compliance assurance, Jack Stevens, who provided contractual legal advice pro bono, and Betze Hodges Brown SGP ’60, who did the artwork depicting the old grotto. Thanks to Bill Westcott and Dr. Cecile Sastre, for advising on contractors, archaeology and best-transfer methods. Thanks to Jack Thomson, Asheville Preservation Society ED for initial and ongoing support, and Susan Haldane and Sue Olesiuk at A-B Tech in Advancement as preservation and transfer liaisons.

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Ms. Mary Powell Adams SGP ’56

Mr. Thomas C. Arnold GH ’61

Mrs. Ann McKee Austin SGP ’63

Mrs. Linda Bennett Bannister SGP ’60

Mrs. Eleanor Bizzell Batchelor SGP ’61

Mr. William H. Beard

Mr. Cecil C. Beumer ACDS ’53

Ms. Eliza Pegram Bowen SGP ’63

Mrs. Maria Santayana Bridgford SGP ’61

Mrs. Mary Rhodes Brookshire SGP ’60

Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Brown SGP ’48

Mrs. Melinda Farr Brown SGP ’60

Mrs. Marilyn Vincent Browne SGJC ’50

Ms. Deborah Bryant

Ms. Maureen C. Buffington SGP ’64

Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Bullock SGP ’67

Mr. Michael Burke (Marthann Coleman Burke SGP ’50)

Ms. Betsy Hood Burleson SGP ’59

Mrs. Jennie Medford Butler

Ms. Stuart Camblos SGP ’66

Mr. Eugene M. Carr, Jr. SGP ’43

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Cenderelli

Mrs. Elizabeth Koontz Clark SGP ’57

Ms. Adrienne J. Cleere SGP ’60

Mrs. Mabel White Coakley SGP ’51

Dr. and Mrs. M. David Cogburn

The Honorable and Mrs. Max O. Cogburn, Jr.

Ms. Ellen Keetch Craig SGP ’70

Deborah Anthony Dodge SGP ’67

Mrs. Mary Tokarz Dooher SGP ’61

Mrs. Patricia Darsie Dyroff SGP ’60

Ms. Roberta Simmons Eblen SGJC ’45

Kenneth R. Ellington, M.D. SG-GH ’76

Mrs. Millicent Bitter Elmore SGP ’64

Ms. Martha A. Eshleman SGP ’62

Mrs. Ann B. Ewald

Mrs. Lisbeth Davis Fahey SGP ’69

Mrs. Benn Edney Fass SGP ’45

Ms. Benn E. Fass SGP ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Faughnan

Mrs. Lareine Rentenbach Fedor SGP ’60

Mr. John S. Fletcher SG-GH ’87

Mrs. Kathleen Patton Frech SGP ’63

Mrs. Marilyn Romieux Freeman SGJC ’53

Mrs. Barbara Wilson Fuller SGP ’60

Mrs. Katherine Beatty Gaston SGP ’53

Mr. Robert B. Gelder, Jr. GH ’67

Dr. Shelby D. Gennett

Mrs. Patricia Patton Grimes SGP ’70

Mrs. Beverly Brown Hawkins SGP ’60

Mrs. Sharon Kennett Heim

Mrs. Katharine Gennett Henry SGP ’59

Brenda Morgan Hewitt SGP ’59

Mrs. Jane Bolles Hixson SGP ’69

Dr. Jeff Hoffman

Mrs. Carol Curtis Kemper SGP ’64

Mrs. Alexandra Rathbun Kiefer SGP ’62

Mr. Robert S. Lalley SG-GH ’76

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lalley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Lalley

Mrs. Susan Nanney Leffe SGP ’70

Mrs. Linda Montague Lonon SGP ’60

Ms. Jane A. Luther SGJC ’51

Ms. Ellen D. Lyle

Mrs. Myra Rogers Lynch SGP ’62

Dr. J. Kendall Manley GH ’61

Ms. Elizabeth Robinson Martin

Ms. Sidney B. Mashburn SGP ’71

Dr. Frederick M. McConnel GH ’60

Ms. Patricia V. McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. McKinney

Mrs. Carole Strong Metzger SGP ’60

Mrs. Helen Knight Miles SGP ’63

Ms. Angela B. Miotto SGP ’56

Mrs. Gail Verne Mitchell SGP ’62

Ms. Daria Obolensky Morgan SGP ’61

Mr. David B. Morgan III GH ’59

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Olesiuk

Ms. Kieta Osteen-Cochrane SGP ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmeri

Mr. John R. Pfaff ACDS ’62

Mr. John A. Pinto

Mrs. Suzanne Maney Piver SGP ’61

Ms. Karen Patton Poehlein SGP ’59

Mrs. Mary L. Powell

The Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County, Inc

Mrs. Sara Lewis Rhoades SGP ’56

Mrs. Willhelmina Vander Kaaden Rhodarmer SGJC ’52

Mr. J. Stone Roberts GH ’69

Dr. Larry E. Rosenberg GH ’67

Mrs. Louise Wood Royal SGP ’54

Mrs. Margaret McGowan Rudd SGP ’59

Mr. and Mrs. John R.E. Ruhl, Sr.

Mrs. Elaine Fitch Scagnelli SGP ’59

Ms. Jan E. Schochet SGP ’71

Mrs. Kathleen Loeb Schwab SGP ’68

Mrs. Nora Hutton Shepard SGP ’67

Ms. Jane A. Shigley SGP ’62

Mrs. Felicia Rae Sondey SGP ’63

Mrs. Mary Ida Brown Sprague SGP ’50

Ms. Mayron McCrary Sprinkle

Mrs. Patricia McGowan Stahl SGP ’57

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Steele

Jane Swicegood SGP ’51

Ms. Elia Munoz Tarafa SGP ’6

Nancy Pomeroy Togar SGP ’70

Mrs. Sandra Chidester Trevathan SGP ’69

Mrs. Anne Wells Trively SGP ’58

Mrs. Josephine Weiss Vineberg SGP ’46

Mrs. Sheila Taylor Walden SG-GH ’83

Ms. Marjorie E. Warlick SGP ’64

Paul W. Warlick, Jr. GH ’63 and MaryAnne Adams Warlick SGP ’67

Mrs. Ann Clarke Williams SGJC ’52

Mr. Robert W. Williams GH ’68

Mrs. Ann Clarke Williams SGJC ’52

Mrs. Mary Ann Quarngesser Willingham SGP ’52

Joanne Tokarz Wills SGP ’60

Mr. John C. Young, Jr. SGP ’51