Head of School Convocation Address

In this morning's Convocation address, Head of School Stephanie Whitney included within her remarks a quote from Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and author of “Think Again,” who said that our most creative and original thinkers are willing to try new things, take calculated risks, and don’t give up when they face a road block. “They know that in the long run, our biggest regrets are not actions but our inactions.”

Ms. Whitney added, “I’m asking each of you to lean in, 'think again' and bring fresh and new ideas to the forefront. Carolina Day School is a school on the move. We are not harnessed to what and who we have been, but we appreciate our roots, and celebrate our wings. Let’s rededicate ourselves into thinking again, to being brave and bold with new ideas, and questioning ourselves on practices that we’ve long held dear. Many of them are timeless testaments to our past, and are bellwethers to our future. Others of them have served their purpose, and need to be re-examined. I know we are up to the challenge, and I thank you all for the amazing year we are about to have together.”

Watch the Convocation video