A Tribute to Peggy Daniels

Peggy Daniels

Celebrating 35 Years

Share with us as we honor Peggy Daniels and celebrate her 35 years of service to Asheville Country Day School and Carolina Day School.

“Mrs. Daniels stands out as one of the most influential teachers during my time at CDS. As my homeroom teacher, she gave me enough latitude to question authority and taught me to do so in a thoughtful and respectful way while being quick to put me back on track if I took it too far, which I was known to do from time to time. I am grateful that my daughter Eleanor had a chance to learn from her and after two Turners (and a handful of Oswalds) her retirement is well deserved. Thank you, Mrs. Daniels.” BRIAN TURNER, ACDS ’92 AND CDS PARENT 

Thank you, Peggy Daniels!

In her 35 years at CDS, Peggy Daniels has served as middle school principal, upper school principal, associate head of school, and interim head of school twice (2014-15 and 2019-20). We are grateful to Peggy for her commitment to the school, her wisdom, and her unwavering support. During her career at CDS, she has received the Headmaster’s Award, the Melissa Ogden Memorial Award, the Betty Lou Davis Teacher Recognition Award, and the Don Chalker Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership from Western Carolina University. Her leadership has been fundamental to strategic planning, development of the school's mission and core beliefs, and community spirit.

Thank you, Peggy, for your grace, your service, and your leadership. We wish you the very best as you begins your retirement this summer.