At Carolina Day School, we understand the value of community. 

"CDS is simply a community that does everything to put the needs of students first... Every decision made, every sacrifice committed by the faculty, everything we do is for our kids.... This is what everyone means when they talk about the student/teacher relationships at CDS... It is about feeling valued and respected and knowing that this place understands that kids make mistakes and that there is real learning through one’s struggles. ...It is knowing that you can be you and it will be celebrated. This is what makes this such a special place." David Hertzinger
Upper School Grade 9 Dean
2019 Commencement Address to the Class of 2019

Faculty/Staff Directory

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Tony Fuertes

Titles: Facilities Support
Locations: Facilities

Brett Fuhrman

Titles: Chief Financial Officer
Locations: Business Office, Administration

Betsey Gaddy

Titles: Lower School Kindergarten Teacher
Locations: Lower School

Elizabeth Garland

Titles: Assistant Director Alumni Relations and Community Engagement
Locations: Advancement Office

Kathryn Garrison

Titles: Upper School French
Locations: Upper School

Leesa Gibbs

Titles: Accounts Payable Manager
Locations: Business Office

Sarah Goldstein

Titles: Marketing Communications Manager
Locations: Communications

Jim Goodrum

Titles: Director of After-School Program (Lower School), Director of Summer & Academic Programs (Middle & Upper Schools)
Locations: Upper School, Lower School, Middle School, Business Office

Charlotte Greene

Titles: Middle School Grade 6 Math/Science, Middle School Grade 7 Math
Locations: Middle School

Tracy Griffin

Titles: Upper School Study Skills and Learning Specialist
Locations: Upper School

Barbara Groh

Titles: Key School Grades 3 and 4 Language Comprehensive, Grade 3 Social Studies
Locations: Key School

Anna Hall

Titles: Key School Language/Art Teacher
Locations: Key School

Amy Hathaway

Titles: Key School Grade 4 Math and Science
Locations: Key School

Parker Heck

Titles: Director of Upper School Music Program
Locations: Upper School

Steve Henry

Titles: Director of Athletics, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Locations: Athletics, Administration

David Hertzinger

Titles: Upper School History Teacher
Locations: Upper School

Tara Hewitt

Titles: Learning Specialist
Locations: Lower School

Carole Hilderbran, CFP®

Titles: Director of Tuition Assistance, Upper School Admissions Associate
Locations: Upper School, Admissions Office

Gary Hill

Titles: Facilities Support Manager
Locations: Facilities

Amy Hobbs

Titles: Grade 8 Teacher
Locations: Key School

Mary Holmes

Titles: Key School 2nd Grade Teacher
Locations: Key School

Stephanie Hope

Titles: Grade 3 Teaching Assistant
Locations: Lower School

Karen Howell

Titles: Grade 2 Language Comprehensive Teacher & Talents
Locations: Key School

Stephanie Howell

Titles: Lower School/Key School Librarian
Locations: Lower School, Key School
< 1 2 3 4 5 7 > showing 49 - 72 of 145 constituents