Hannaneh Mirmozaffari

Hannaneh Mirmozaffari

Upper School, Math Teacher and Advisor
B.A., Medical Anthropology, minors in Chemistry and Creative Writing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Upper School

Hannaneh Mirmozaffari is an Upper School Math teacher and has been with Carolina Day since 2022. She has certifications in Multisensory Math and Executive Function: Impact on Academic Proficiency.

Get to know Hannaneh Mirmozaffari:

What interesting background, training, etc. do you bring to your position?

Trying to get the most out of a liberal arts education in addition to my major and minors, I took multiple classes in philosophy, biology, physics, English, mathematics, and Southern studies. I even completed an honors thesis in creative writing where I wrote a 96-page short story collection. Additionally, I practiced as a birth doula for three years and am currently on the board of a community-based doula program in Asheville. I'm excited to share my perspective and experiences with students and for them to do the same.

What personal passion brings balance to your life?

Being outside and in nature definitely brings balance to my life outside of school. I'm a road cyclist and love exploring new parts of the greater Asheville area by way of bicycles!