Carleigh Brown-Ray

Carleigh Brown-Ray

Human Resources Manager
M.S., Business Psychology, Franklin University
Business Office, Administration

Carleigh Brown-Ray is the Human Resources Manager and has been at Carolina Day since 2021. Carleigh moved to Asheville from Birmingham, AL in 2015. She has a background in both Human Resources and Child Development.

Get to know Carleigh Brown-Ray:

What books and authors inspire you?

"I adore Brené Brown and her ability to make you feel empowered in so few words. Both Dare to Lead and Daring Greatly bring true light to vulnerability and how important it is within leadership."

"Simon Sinek is another author who inspires me greatly. His outlook on leadership changed my perspective on ways to lead, manage and continue to great innovation. Both Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last are two of my favorites from him."

What personal passion brings balance to your life? 

"I have a few outside passions that help me bring balance to my life. Two of those are playing sports and baking. Growing up with a dad who coached, playing sports in different social environments keeps me having fun while on the opposite end, baking taps me into my detail-oriented side. After teaching children's gymnastics for six years, I am excited to be able to bring my love for the growth and development of children as well as my passion for people operations together." 

How is CDS different from what you experienced as a child in school?

"I grew up in a private school, but the community here is so different from anything I have ever experienced. There is so much support for not only the students but for the faculty and staff as well. Just stepping onto campus for the first time I could feel the sense of community and the true pride for CDS. The love and passion that so many of us have for this school and community create a great environment for learning and growth for everyone involved. I am truly looking forward to growing within this community for years to come."