Adrienne Eberhardt

Adrienne Eberhardt

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
M.A., Theatre - Drama Therapy, Kansas State University
B.A., Theatre, University of Alaska Anchorage
Lower School

Adrienne Eberhardt is a passionate educator and creative arts therapist who has been working with children for over ten years as both a therapist and teacher. She is trained in the application of theatrical techniques in therapeutic and educational practices and was trained and certified as a provider of Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. At her former school of employment, Adrienne was awarded the title of "Teacher of the Year" for the 2018/19 school year. 

Get to know Adrienne Eberhardt:

What do you like most about your job at CDS?
"There is nothing better than waking up every morning excited to go to work. The students I work with are truly my motivation for being at CDS. Providing a safe and inspiring environment for children to learn, grow, and create is the best part of my job and truly the greatest expression of my passion as an educator." 

What personal passion brings balance to your life?
"I am someone who needs a creative outlet to balance out my life. While I enjoy a variety of creative practices, I absolutely adore playing the piano. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, camping, kayaking, you name it!" 

How would you describe yourself and/or your approach to your job in 10 words or less? 
"Approaching education with creativity, skill, empathy, and understanding."