Susanne Brunton

Susanne Brunton

Key School Grade 4 Language Comprehension, Key School Grade 6 Reading Comprehension
M.S., Education, Sunbridge College, Columbia University Education Extension Program
M.A., German Language and Literature, University of Maryland at College Park
B.A., Human Development, Saint Mary's College of Maryland
Key School

Susanne Brunton teaches Grade 4 Language Comprehension and Grade 6 Reading Comprehension in the Key School. In 2018, Susanne started as a guest teacher at Key when her daughter entered the Key 6th grade. Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in the Key Multisensory Structured Language Training in Orton Gillingham. Susanne has been a part of the field of education her entire adult life either as a student or educator. She has a B.A. in Human Development, M.A. in German Language and Literature and M.S. in Education, specializing  in Waldorf Education. Since 1995, she has been a classroom teacher in the private school sector, spanning kindergarten through fifth grade. In 2008, she started a small private school in Asheville called The Children's Earth School. It began as a licensed daycare, serving preschoolers and kindergarteners. As the children grew, her program expanded to include 1st through 5th grades, becoming a NC accredited private school. In the decade that The Children’s Earth School operated, she gained invaluable experiences on multiple levels. 

Get to know Susanne Brunton:

What interesting background, training, etc. do you bring to your position?

"As a teacher and a parent of a child diagnosed with dyslexia, I am familiar with the exceptional education Key provides. My years as a teacher have been a joyous and lively experience, and I remain committed to being a lifelong learner. I consider it a privilege to work with children and witness those sparks in their eyes as they make meaningful discoveries and connections."

What personal passion brings balance to your life?

"I enjoy being outside and pursuing many of the plentiful activities Asheville provides, such as mountain biking, hiking, and even snorkeling in rivers. Gardening has been one of my greatest teachers and it has taught me that time, patience and dedication are important qualities in establishing healthy and thriving plants. I believe that gardening and teaching are quite similar in that they require the understanding that what we do today will reap benefits tomorrow."

What is your favorite quote about education, mentorship, children, and/or learning?

"To quote one of my favorite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke, 'Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.'"

Is there anything else we should know about you and your work?

"It is a privilege to work with children as a classroom teacher and my passion for ensuring young people the opportunity to grow, question, and express themselves has been a driving force in my career. I have been inspired by many philosophical thinkers and educators through the years; however the dedication of Malala Yousafzai and her determination in the fight for young girls' rights to equal education through the terrors of the political unrest in Pakistan has taught me never to take the myriad of opportunities for granted. I enjoy the accomplishments of those who have overcome the odds and achieved something remarkable despite obstacles. I am an avid reader of autobiographies and enjoy sharing these stories with my students who have so much to offer the world on their unique journeys."