Alena Zamora

Alena Zamora

MS Spanish Teacher
Master's Degree of Law, Intellectual Property Management, Havana University, Cuba
Lower School, Middle School

Alena Zamora teaches Spanish to students in Grades 5–7, partnering with Dr. Fernando Pomar for Grade 8. 

Get to know Alena Zamora:

What interesting background, training, etc. do you bring to your position?

"I was born in Cuba, an amazing country in the Caribbean zone. I graduated in Law at Havana University, Cuba. I have a Master's Degree of Law in Intellectual Property Management from Havana University, Cuba. As part of my work as Attorney at Law, I taught in the Law School of Havana University, and I was tutor and opponent for several undergraduate thesis in this institution. I discovered my teaching vocation early in my first year working as a professor at Havana University. Since those days to the present, I have been continuing teaching different subjects. 

I moved to Chile in 2007 and I lived there for almost 10 years. I was a professor assistant at the Law School, University of Chile, from 2011 to 2016.  I also gave conferences at Design and Art School of the Catholic Chilean University, Santo Tomas University and Playa Ancha University, Chile. 

In Chile, I discovered my passion to work with children, first volunteering in Escuela Los Angeles, a special school for children with speech and language delay. I collaborated with the Taller Habitantes del Color teaching low-income children about different art techniques and introduction to copyright. When I moved to the United States, I decided to continue with this vocation. In 2016, I started my studies to become Behavior Therapist in order to help children in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I have been working as Registered Behavior Therapist in Miami, Florida since last year, and I have developed a significant experience working with children with different learning skills.

When I arrived to the United State I realized the significance of our Hispanic community has in this country. Then, I developed a deep passion to teach my mother tongue and Hispanic heritage to children from other cultures, believing that the best way to learn a foreign language is through its literature, art, science and history." 

What personal passion brings balance to your life?

"I love nature. I am a dog, cat, rabbit, shark and all animals lover. I love art, literature, culture and, the most important thing in the world that I love, is to have the opportunity to know, feel, smell, taste and live others cultures in the world wide. I hope to transmit this feeling to the new generations as an important tool to improve humanity."