Heather Pomar

Heather Pomar

Pre-K Teaching Assistant, Early-Morning Care
Lower School

Heather Pomaris a Pre-K Assistant Teacher and leads the Grade 5 tech crew in designing and building sets and props for the annual musical. 

Get to know Heather Pomar:

What interesting background, training, etc. do you bring to your position?

"I grew up in Minnesota. My dad was a college professor of special education and my mom was a kindergarten teacher. My summers were full of family camping road-trips—I got to visit 49 of the 50 United States.

When my sister was born, my mom opened a daycare at home. I helped care for ten kids for eight years.

I have also lived in North Dakota, Denmark, England, Montana, Canada, Seattle and Brooklyn. I've traveled all over Western and Eastern Europe (before the wall came down), Peru and Japan.

In college, I got a studio art degree. Later, I graduated from film school and was trained to teach English as a second language. 

I have worked in factories and resorts, bars and retail stores. I was “The Voice of the Space Needle,” I built sets and props for feature films and music videos, and I was a coach for bi-lingual children to get into prep-schools.

My husband, Dr. Fernando Pomar, who teaches Spanish at the CDS Upper School, and I now live happily ever after with our cats in Asheville."