Kathryn Garrison

Kathryn Garrison

Upper School French
B.S., Marketing, concentration on International Studies, University of Alabama
Teaching Certification, Concentration in French, UNC Asheville
Upper School

Kathryn Garrison teaches French in the Upper School. She has been teaching at CDS since 2006. Previously she taught at Enka High School for two years.

One of her signature teaching experiences is a student exchange program between the Lycée Notre Dame high school in Dijon, France, and Carolina Day School, which has been taking place since 2008. On odd years, Carolina Day School students travel to France for two weeks, and in even years, Lycée Notre Dame students visit CDS Upper School. CDS students studying French in Grades 10–12 at CDS have the opportunity to spend almost two weeks with a host family in Dijon over spring break, with a brief excursion to Paris at the end. While in Dijon, the students attend classes and explore the Burgundy region of France. 

Garrison says, "A French class, or any language class at CDS, is ultimately about connecting students with a culture other than their own. Without question, this process makes students stronger academically. Adding a travel experience to language instruction serves to bolster not only students’ language skills, but also their inner strength, confidence, and independence level. For a time, they need to manage life in a different country, where the dominant culture speaks a different language and much communication is unspoken.

This trip is also an amazing experience for me as a teacher, seeing our CDS students in daily situations that are outside of their comfort zones and observing how they persevere and thrive."