Tuition Assistance

Carolina Day School is committed to attracting, admitting and retaining a highly qualified student body with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds. Our Financial Assistance program enables us to offer students who might not otherwise have access to an independent school education the opportunity to enroll regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Tuition assistance is available to qualified, admitted students in Pre-K/12 on the basis of financial need and the availability of funds. For the 2015-16 school year, Carolina Day School will provide approximately $2 million in need-based tuition assistance. Grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid.

Affording an independent school education requires that families make sacrifices or adjust spending priorities. Even so, there is often a gap between the school’s tuition and what a family can pay. Tuition assistance grants are offered to bridge that gap and can range from partial to almost full tuition in rare instances. 

Admission decisions are made independent of whether or not a family has applied for tuition assistance. We encourage families who believe they cannot afford a Carolina Day School education for their students without support from the School to apply for tuition assistance when they first apply to the school as we expect to fully distribute the tuition assistance budget each year. Of course, when an enrolled family’s circumstances change for reasons beyond their control, we will do our best to provide temporary support. 

In considering applications for tuition assistance, we draw on the best tuition assistance practices and policies. All applications for assistance, supporting documents and the ultimate tuition assistance decisions are kept confidential. 

To ensure that we distribute our tuition assistance budget equitably, families applying for tuition assistance must complete online a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and upload supporting documents to School & Student Services by NAIS (SSS).  SSS, a nationwide service affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), helps independent schools process these and analyze the information that families submit so that our school can offer consistent decisions. The ultimate decisions for tuition assistance rest with the school.

We believe that the primary responsibility for education rests with families and that all families should contribute to their child’s educational expenses; however, the amount of that contribution will vary depending on each family’s financial profile. Assistance is based on the entire, unique financial picture of each family, and takes into account a variety of factors, such as income, assets, family size and the number of children in tuition-based schools. Where parents are divorced or separated or have never lived together, we expect both parents to participate in the tuition assistance process by completing a PFS and supporting documentation. We cannot be bound by divorce agreements or the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses.

Carolina Day School expects all students, whether or not they receive tuition assistance, to maintain the strong academic and personal qualities that led to their admission. All families receiving tuition assistance must submit annually a PFS and supporting documents.  

Accepted students who have applied for tuition assistance receive the Tuition Assistance decision with their acceptance. Because awards are determined before the current year’s tax returns are available, they are contingent upon review of the current tax returns and other supporting documents in the spring.  


Tuition Assistance Application Procedure for the Academic Year 2016-17

Families applying to Carolina Day School for tuition assistance must submit a request when the application for admission is submitted and follow several steps to be considered for an award.

The deadlines for completing (includes submitting the PFS and uploading supporting documents) the application for financial assistance are as follows:

December 1

  • Applicants for grades 1-11 who qualify for a January Decision

  • Applicants for Pre-K and Kindergarten who qualify for a rolling decision through January

 February 1

  • Applicants for grades 1-11 who qualify for a March Decision

  • Applicants for Pre-K and Kindergarten who qualify for a rolling decision through March

 February 1

  • Current Carolina Day School families receiving tuition assistance*

Applicants should adhere strictly to all deadlines or contact Assistant Director of Financial Assistance Carole Hilderbran to request an extension.



Visit the School & Student Services by NAIS (SSS) family portal at and complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) online. Prior to completing the PFS, we suggest you review the Family Guide to Financial Aid.

Both parents must electronically sign the PFS. If parents are divorced, separated, or never married and living apart, each parent must file a separate PFS and supporting documents.

Carolina Day School’s SSS code number is 2123. We suggest that you request a Family Report for yourself and retain a copy of all worksheets, your user name, password, and SSS identification number for your records.



Upload copies of the following documents to your SSS account. (If you prefer, you may mail copies to SSS at School and Student Services, P.O. Box 449, Randolph, MA 02368-0449.)


1. 2014 Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ.  Please upload signed copies of your Federal Income Tax Returns including all schedules and supplements exactly as filed. 

2. Both Parents’ 2014 W-2 Forms. Please upload your W-2 forms.

3. Form 4506-T.  Please complete Form 4506-T lines 1a through 6a and line 9 where you should request the years 2014 and 2015; sign but do not date the form. This form may be found online at here.

4.  Business Tax Returns.  If you are a business owner, please upload business tax returns.

5.  Additional Information if Requested by Carolina Day School. In the case of complex personal financial situations, the school reserves the right to specify that additional documentation be uploaded. 




If you would like to provide details about your circumstances that more fully reflect your true need, please submit the Supplemental Financial Assistance Form directly to Carole Hilderbran at Carolina Day School.




1. 2015 Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ.  Please upload signed copies of your Federal Income Tax Returns including all schedules and supplements exactly as filed. Please file your federal income tax forms on time, since your application will not be complete without them. If you want to be considered for financial assistance, you may not file for an extension.

2. Both Parents’ 2015 W-2 Forms. Please upload your W-2 forms.


No need-based grant will be considered binding until we have received and reviewed this information. The Tuition Assistance Committee reserves the right to amend any award if the tax return does not accurately reflect the information provided on the PFS.


*Tuition assistance for current Carolina Day School families who do not presently receive assistance is typically not available unless your family qualifies for Emergency Financial Assistance. Emergency Assistance is available for families who have gone through a recent, significant, and often temporary change in their financial circumstances, such as job loss, that make affording the full tuition currently impossible without assistance. To inquire about applying for Emergency Assistance, please contact Carole Hilderbran.

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