We Believe in the Value of Play

With our enviable record of state championships, some might be surprised with how participation-focused our athletics program is.

We’re delighted to report what we have discovered: high competition and high participation are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when we give our “more green” athletes a chance to prove their excellence, we find they very often rise to the occasion. Our student-athletes balance a rigorous academic program with a challenging athletic schedule. Students participating in CDS athletics learn to manage their time effectively, communicate with teachers, and the importance of grit and preparation.

Junior Varsity & Varsity: Competitive Sports in Balance

We value competitive sports for the lessons they teach our athletes about victory and defeat, leadership, perseverance and teamwork. These lessons, encouraged by our exceptional coaches, mirror and complement our classroom emphasis of the same, further reinforcing these concepts in both arenas.


Our Secret: Outstanding Coaches and Motivated Athletes

At the junior varsity and varsity levels, our student-athletes work hard with our coaches to ensure individual and team goals are being met.

We stress student ownership and leadership and believe that our program provides rigorous athletic opportunities as well as an enrichment of the classroom experience. For a motivated athlete at CDS, the sky is the limit.

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