Robots Take Flight
Posted 10/08/2014 02:02PM

Mr. Mycroft’s Upper School robotics class got a sky-high lesson on the mechanics of a quadcopter. The communications department and photographer John Warner demonstrated how a UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, captures photos and video while soaring up to 400 feet in the air.


The quadcopter uses four roto blades to lift and propel itself into the air. A GPS system is linked to a controller that the pilot uses from the ground. A three-axis camera is built into the structure for seamless video and aerial photography.


With their small size and agile maneuverability, quadcopters can be flown indoors as well as outdoors. You’ll see it in action during Homecoming this Friday, October 10. The quadcopter will hover over our pep rallies, athletic events, and activities on the main campus field.


Mr. Mycroft’s students are working on building their own motorized ‘bots for class.



This project was made possible by the

CDS community’s donations to the Annual Fund.

Thank you!